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Global Reliance Overseas Services Pvt.Ltd. is the leading government approved recruitment agency (License No. 832/066/067) in Nepal. Since our establishment, we have been recognized as the premier recruitment agency and have developed excellent working relationship with major international and national companies in theMiddle-East and South East Asia.

Message from director

     First of all, we would like to extend our warm and heartiest greetings to all our business parties (clients) abroad as well as in Nepal. 
           -Mr.Deepak Paudel
(Managing Director -- Global Reliance Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd.)
Executive Member --NAFEA)

About Nepal

Nepal (नेपाल) has its flag red with a blue border around the unique shape of two overlapping right triangles. The smaller, upper triangle has a white stylized moon and the larger and lower triangle displays a white 12-pointed sun.