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The millennial generation grew up in a global village, connected across borders by the internet and social media. Those links have helped produce a cohort with many shared experiences, values and attitudes. But just how much alike are millennials around the world, particularly when it comes to career and workplace issues?

To repair damaged relationships with employees, these executives decided to say two of the toughest words for many bosses to utter: “I’m sorry.” Such mea culpas seem to be more common these days, partly because of the growing likelihood of a public uproar on social media when companies slip up.

The president of the United States is often referred to as the most powerful man on the planet - but the position can also be a lonely one.

For all the aides and armies at his disposal, the commander-in-chief must be - as President George W Bush memorably described it - the Decider. And having made a final decision, a president must then live with the consequences.

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